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Original source: Mumbai taxi
Author: David Wilmot from Wimbledon, United Kingdom
4/5S SAL
Number of doors
2340 mm 92.1 in
Track: Front
1230 mm 48.4 in
Track: Rear
1210 mm 47.6 in
3940 mm 155.1 in
1460 mm 57.5 in
1458 mm 57.4 in
Length:wheelbase ratio
Ground clearance
130 mm 5.1 in
Kerb weight
895 kg 1973 lb
Fuel capacity
38 litres 8.4 UK Gal 10 US Gal
68.00 mm
1.1 litre1089 cc(66.455 cu in)
Wet sumped
Compression ratio
Fuel system
1 32 BIC IBX carb
Maximum power(SAE)
39.5 PS (39.0 bhp) (29.1 kW)@ 4800 rpm
Specific output
35.8 bhp/litre0.59 bhp/cu in
Maximum torque(SAE)
54.0 Nm (40 ft?�·lb) (5.5 kgm)@ 2400 rpm
623.1 kPa (90.4 psi)
Specific torque
49.59 Nm/litre
Bore/stroke ratio
Unitary capacity
272.25 cc/cylinder
Compressor type
Catalytic converter
0-50 mph (80 km/h)
20.30 s
26.90 s
Top speed
120 km/h (75 mph)
43.58 bhp/ton
Engine location
Engine alignment
worm & roller
Turns lock-to-lock
Turning circle
10.90 m
front I.W.CS.ARB.
Tyres: Front
5.20 x 14
Tyres: Rear
5.20 x 14
Brakes F/R
Top gear ratio
Final drive ratio
RAC rating
Known for the once-ubiquitious Premier Padmini, Premier Auto is making a comeback in passenger cars segment after nine years.
Premier Padmini was launched in partnership with Fiat but people still associate it as a Fiat car! The company is now on the verge of making a
Photo: used 1973 Premier Padmini safari model for sale. used 1973 Premier Padmini safari model for sale.
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Premier Padmini was an automobile manufactured in India from 1967 to 2000.
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The Premier Padmini was manufactured on the lines of Fiat 1100 and modified to suit indian conditions.
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the Premier Padmini which was on roads till 2000.Even today majority of the TAXI’s in Mumbai are Padmini.
Premier Padmini had the “white collar” look and was mostly owned by doctors and advocates.
Yes, the premier Padmini Taxicabs in Mumbai are all that you say, and more! Drivers can typically take apart most of the cab and fix
He was behind the wheel of his Premier Padmini, the car of choice for Bombay taxi drivers.
The Premier Padmini was dominated Indian roads from 1968 to 2000. Now this car is found plying on the roads of Mumbai as a taxi.
choice, which we had for Premier Padmini, it has become very difficult to choose due to so many variants in color and shades, with a choice of interiors and upholstery one feels like
Premier Padmini The Premier Padmini was manufactured in India from 1968 to 2000 by Premier Automobiles Limited (PAL). The car ruled the Indian roads for more than three decades.
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Premier Padmini in Malappuram 1995
Premier PadminiThis aging model lives on.
i want to buy brand new premier padmini car of it last version.
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Fiat Premier Padmini, 1998 Model for sale • 22-Aug-2010 • Bangalore Fiat Premier Padmini, 1998 Model, Grey Colour, 50,000 kilometers done,
I own the 1994 model premier padmini petrol model of floor gear.there are no spares and poor service.basically no spares give a tough fight to maintain the car. PL.
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bears a likeness to the Premier Padmini that is more than superficial.
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I recently laid my hand on a 1991 Premier Padmini of my relatives who wanted to sell it off.
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Sujith who has a 1978 Premier Padmini says “We started the club on March 15 2009 and since then our numbers are only growing.
Welcome to Premier Padmini, Website to know about this classic Premier Padmini car in India. Copyright 2010 Premier Padmini.
Among the standard taxis in Mumbai, the Premier Padmini model is a favorite. Premier Padmini was based on 1963 Fiat 1100 design and has been manufactured in India since 1968 to 2000.